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Originally Posted by rwsz View Post
Jim i am 59 now and dont try jumps or spins anymore, of course i dont skate that often but am going to sunday nite at a nite of champions fundraiser. i am also overweight and need to lose weight. maybe if you lose the weight first it wont be as bad when you do fall or stumble. trying to be helpful here and not critical or anything like that. good luck,,,you have more guts then me lol
All so very true Rick! When we came back we started right away with our old coach because we had so many warnings from other adult skaters about trying things we were not ready for. I was 58 and Kenny was 60.... He is, and always was, fearless with his skating !!! After he wound up with 10 stitches in his head she talked with us about over doing it. Especially, because of our weight.

She reminded us, as she also has to do with younger teenagers, while we are losing weight, or, as with teens when they gain weight or grow taller and their bodies are changing so much, our "centers" are constantly changing. So Jim, remember, as you do loose the weight over the next few months your "center" will be constantly changing. How you executed a move a few months ago may not work as you loose each 5 to 10 pounds or gain that muscle mass.

As with you Rick, I am so happy Kenny did not try the freestyle again. I think it is amazing that there are the few who can pull it off at our age. And have seen only a few actually attempt it at this age. I am glad you do have a coach Jim, it will keep you a bit safer.

Enjoy your new rink and lessons. We are adjusting to a new floor, different skaters and surrondings too. Sharing the floor with several National Champions and a World Class Champ was very intimidating , but now we are finding them to be very supportive and encouraging which has helped us to relax a little. A few more weeks of this and I am sure we will be on our way to new levels of skating !
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