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  • What is the name of your favorite roller derby league or team?

    Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
  • Is it a flat track or banked track team?

    flat track
  • Is your team a member of WFTDA, OSDA, USARS, or any other skating federation?

    WFTDA, since the days WFTDA was called ULC.
  • When was your team founded?

    The league was founded in July 2005.
  • Who were the founders?

    Trish the Dish and Ivanna S. Pankin. You may have heard of them? Currently run by a board of directors. President: Anna Sasin VP: Athena Barbital
  • What is your team's home city? (city, state/province/region, country)

    Las Vegas, NV
  • Where does your team practice? (rink? city park?)

    a county park, sometimes at an inline hockey arena.
  • Where are your public bouts held?

    Sport Center of Las Vegas. Nice place, comfy bleacher seats, nice grippy concrete floor, suicide seating available, potential for VIP skybox section, and did I mention BEER?
  • Are all ages encouraged to attend your bouts or is there an age limit?

    All ages. Kids under 10 get in free.
  • Who coaches your team?

    Deni coaches the travel team. Team captains coach the home teams, off-rostered skaters (injuries, whatever) tend to manage lineups.
  • What do your team uniforms look like?

    Notorious VIP: Silver on black
    Tommy Gun Terrors: Black on green
    Travel Team: Black on orange. I miss the tiger stripes.
  • Does your team have a Web site or a MySpace page?
    League MySpace
    Notorious VIP's MySpace

That's the Tommy Gun Terrors in this one.
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