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* What is the name of your favorite roller derby league or team?
Our league is Central New York Roller Derby, we have two team names: the Utica Clubbers & the Asylum City Lunatics

* Is it a flat track or banked track team?
Flat track

* Is your team a member of WFTDA, OSDA, USARS, or any other skating federation?
USARS & our goal is to be WFTDA

* When was your team founded?
Dec. 2007

* Who were the founders?
Little Bastard (and possibly one or two others that don't skate with us anymore, I'm not sure exactly)

* What is your team's home city? (city, state/province/region, country)
Utica, NY (Central New York region)

* Where does your team practice? (rink? city park?)
A local rink, but we're looking to hopefully move to our home bout site.

* Where are your public bouts held?
The Kennedy Arena in Rome, NY (about 1/2 hour from Utica)

* Are all ages encouraged to attend your bouts or is there an age limit?
We will encourage all ages

* What do your team uniforms look like?
We're working on getting "real" uniforms, but our colors are gold, blue, & red for the Clubbers (after the colors on a Utica Club beer can)
The Lunatics are lime green, purple, & black.

* Does your team have a Web site or a MySpace page?
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