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Originally Posted by Jim White View Post
For sure bring your skates. Venice Beach is perhaps the most famous place in the world to skate, and perhaps Kathie will join you there. There's tons of other places, I'm surprised no-one else has responded, but one thing you can do is skate Venice and ask other skaters there. Or you can do the old standard when you're there, ask bike shops for bike trails.
Yes, I'm looking at the Google maps and bike trails along the beach looks like one of the most amaizing places to skate. Are bike trails clean enougt from sand ? I'm just worry about bearings. The only problem might be is that I'll be there without car and hotel is quite far away from the beach.

Originally Posted by KathieFry View Post
The parking lot of the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena is a popular spot for inline skating on the weekends. Here is more information:
If you don't mind driving a little, there are plenty of Los Angeles Bicycle Trails, including of course, our 30 mile bicycle trail on the beach that goes from Torrance in the south almost to Malibu in the North.
Thanks, really good idea about at parkings. Are there any laws in US which restrict skating at parkings ? I've just remembered a very nice parking near Arcadia Race Track. Can I skate there ? I think this is the nearest place for me.

Originally Posted by Dev Gnoll View Post
If your're up for a challenge, look up the Los Angles Beach Skaters Wednessday Night hammer.
It's about a marathon, and the course is "slightly technical" but they were pretty good about keeping together.
Are they meeting every week ? And "marathon" sounds really great ! If it takes for them to cover 42km in two hours I think that is ok for my current physical conditions
How can I contact them ?

Thank you for answers. Now I belive that bringing skates 6000 miles away from home (Moscow) is really worth idea

And one more - now I think that I don't need a place to skate, I need a company to skate. I've found that there is a LA friday night skating and as Dev Gnoll told LA Beach Skaters. Any other variants ?
My schedule will be quite dence, I just want to know that for every freed evening I have a plan

PS Sorry for my awful English
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