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Default Packaged outdoor skates

Hello Folks,

I'm new to the forums but have been kicking around the archives for about a week. I made my first post in the intro section, Hopefully the link works.

I spent a lot of time digging in the archives and there are some great posts in the new outdoor quad section. I have a question about purchasing outdoor quads. The outdoor quad setups seem to be indoor quad boots and plates that have outdoor wheels on them. I understand the concept of moving the plate forward or mounting a larger plate on the boot so that more weight is behind the front wheel.

My question, what manufacturers (and model numbers, please) make outdoor skates with the 'proper' plate placement?

Here is more info about me and my potential skating areas.

I cracked over 200 lbs recently. This gets carried by size 8's. The neighborhood is flat and has concrete sidewalks and concrete streets that are in very good shape and don't have heavy traffic. I have access to asphalt trails and school parking lots. I like the low cut boots. Having my ankles locked in the inline boots was something I always disliked. I'd like to keep the purchase under $200, if possible.

Any help is appreciated.


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