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Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
If you are not willing to assemble your own skate, there are few off-the-shelf choices out there. This is the only one I know of.

This skate looks strange, but is actually rather strong and well engineered for outdoor skating, since the front axle can be adjusted through a 1" range.
It also has Twister wheels - the best wheels I have ever skated outdoors. They are a Hi/Lo (70mm/65mm) scheme though, and it rolls better with the 70mm up front (not the 65mm as they build it).
With front axle in full forward position the "traction control" bar may need to be removed, as it only lines up right in one of the many possible front axle positions, but it really doesn't do much anyway.
The proprietary toe stop sucks and has to be filed a bit if the 70mm wheels are in front, but since they don't work well outside anyway, I would scrap them in favor of a clamp-on heel brake (2nd PIC), as seen in this Aerial high top version of the same skate.
The trucks are aluminum and axles are 8mm solid with ends tapped for button head wheel retainer screw.

On sale online here:

OK, come clean. admit it. You just love those polymers don't ya??? I have to admit, at first glance I was impressed by these skates. but I have to be honest, not so much after I looked at all the pros and cons a little more carefully. But hey, that's just me. and I sure don't know it all. I just play a guy who does.
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