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Thumbs up When I lost a bunch of weight, last sumer!!

When I lost a bunch of weight last Spring and Summer, I went from 208 to 185.. Mainly I stopped eating sugar, thanks to my Type 2 Diabetes.. And the fact that I really started watching what I was eating.. I was down to less then 1,000 calories a day for quite a while.. At times below 800 calories a day!! Plus I was working out at the health club and skating twice a week..

One problem I had was the work outs.. I was eating Yogurt 60 Calories per serving in the Mornings, before i hit the health club.. And I kept hitting a wall very early in my work out.. I spoke to the Diabetic Dietitian, and after discussing my work out level. She suggested I increase my intake of Carbohydrates before the work outs.. And it worked.. I started doing the smae before I skated, and that helped me be able to work harder, without hitting the wall too soon..

Nothing is free, and loosing weight isn't easy.. It take hard work, a good diet, and exercise.. And when you get closer to you target weight, a little skating will help too..

Good Luck!!

Ray Ninness
Bedford, NH
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