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Originally Posted by Bprendie View Post

I've got a 165 Giotto that I intend to put on an 11 Diamond Walker boot. Thoughts / hints / suggestions? How terrifyingly short will that be?

I have a 170 on my current Bonts - which are 42's, and it's not too bad - although I think I put it too far forward. My front wheels are closer to my big toe than the ball of my foot. I've noticed in some builds - some guys mount the plate what looks like center of the boot... I assume it's to get proper axel placement?

Any input would be most helpful. And if you have pics of something similar, that'd be all the better.

165 is just a step shorter than i go on 11's.. I would prefer the 170..
Closer to the toe than the ball is further forward than I go..

How tos?? There are pages of discussion on Ask Doc Sk8 and the quad forums.. You got more homework to do..
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