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Talking Flawless Execution!!!

Originally Posted by GGfan View Post
I am probably going to do a competition with two of my cousins and my sister soon. My brother and one of his friends are probably going to judge, and they told me that I will probably win (I'm the only artistic skater). One is learning easy jumps, one is better at speed, and one can barely stand up. So, it's not really any competition. But planning it is fun. I am thinking we could buy fake flower bouquets for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and a small one for 4th. I might also buy single flowers to hand out to the audience to throw to the skaters. We are going to have a short and long program, and probably and exhibition. I know my short and long, but and can't seem to find something for the EX. I think maybe something slow, because everyone says I am really graceful (on skates only, believe me) and my other programs are fast.
Do you guys have any other ideas?
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Good Luck..
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