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Originally Posted by Skatervideoguy View Post
Hi passthefire,

Great for you, for your new Floor Guard journey. I do hope that you have a decent DJ (who can really make your job easier and safer), and a Manager who backs you up. You can have many enjoyable hours skating and working with patrons.

Yep !!

I survived my first weekend. Back to school all you can eat pizza night, Friday, 4 birthday parties Saturday afternoon and 3 birthday parties Sunday afternoon. I just wished the other floor guard they hired could skate good(had not skated in 8 years). I had to deal with attitudes from adults to a little girl who got all upset because she did not win at limbo. Then I had a little boy around 9 who would just sit on the floor any time he fell. There was one little girl who looked around 4 that had stopped along the wall, I told needed to keep moving, she said I do not know how to roll. There was this one girl around 10 that kept falling a lot, I found out her mom put her rental skates on the wrong foot. I was wiped out by the end of the sessions, but enjoyed it all.
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