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Hi princessfluffhead,

Surprisingly, the rink I skate at the most has floor guards that are not on skates.
Simply Amazing !!!! In all my years of Skating, and all the Rinks I've Skated in, I've never seen or heard of that.

"Floor Guards that are not Skating" has got to be one of the craziest and non-sensical ideas ever - in a Skating Rink !!!

Perhaps I'm just not experienced enough, and maybe over the next 20yrs of Skating I'll be able to grasp that notion, although I'll be 86 by then - and maybe I won't give a Damn ??


PS: I believe the Laws in some States require Floor Guards to be on the Skate Floor, and the Rink may have greater Liability for Patrons safety, by not having proper Skating Floor Guards.
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