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The rinks I refer to are Galaxy North Lauderdale and Galaxy in Davie for your Florida skater friends. Although oddly enough at the North Lauderdale rink they allow people to skate and push children in strollers on occasion. I thought surely the management had just not noticed this, so I stupidly asked if this was considered safe. I was rudely told that the parents had paid for 7 people to enter the rink and spent a lot of money and if they wanted to push the stroller on the skate floor it was perfectly okay. One of those moments where you have to say, hmmmm. You have nonskating floor guards due to a lawsuit. Is this stroller thing not a lawsuit waiting to happen if the kid falls out or gets crashed into? Not to mention the obvious, but what kind of parent would want to put their infant or toddler in harms way in the first place.

I suppose nothing should surprise me anymore. We had a girl being pushed in a wheelchair this week, but at least she was older and presumably wouldn't be so easily damaged in an accident. We also just skated three weeks in a row with a guy vacationing that was completely blind. Damn good skater too. We took turns leading him around for shuffle songs so he could get out of the middle.
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