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My daughter cruises around the rink in her power chair, sometimes she is used as a power source for somebody who would prefer to be towed than skate.

Before she had a power chair I would push her around in her manual chair, until some of my friends would take turns so I could skate.

She has even played bull rush in the past and still has a crack at limbo.

When she was little she wore rental skates on her feet because she was roller skating.

The rink let her in for free, even though I offer to pay every time, so they have no problems but I did ask them before I took her along the first time.

I don't see what the fuss over a wheel chair would be as long as they stick to the rules and follow the normal skating line and rules. She is a teenager now and not so keen as she was a year ago, hopefully she won't give it up.
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