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Originally Posted by Chuckbest View Post
Misconceptions of this sport is actually why thier is such a wall between the styles. just like the R&B side, jam skating has just as many different styles of skaters depending on where they are from. Both R&B and jam skating should be classified the same...the only difference is the preference of styles between each skater.

I can skate in both high top and low top boots. Does this make me an R&B or jam skater? I dont does this make me an R&B skater? IF a black skater with high top boots throws in groundwork, Is he a jam skater?

Preference of style and skaters depends on what area you are from. It has nothing to do with a skater being black or white, R&B or jam skater, or anything else. It all has to do with your OWN style.

History of jam skating and R&B skating has always separated everyone in the sport. Skaters dont want to open thier mind to new styles which holds back what this sport could really be. Instead of fighting of styles, working together on building eachothers styles into one will create a style of skating that has never been seen. I have seen that in the past 10 years of skating events because of new skaters from new areas bringing a new aspect to the sport. Breakdancing, boot spins, toe spins. slides, and every other aspect has only gotten involved the past 3-4 years because of new skaters coming to events.

Imagine if the R&B world and new areas brought thier style of skating. The sport would be bigger and the sponsors would come to help us all. We would be bigger than roller derby, artistic, and speed because of it.

As for the preference of a skate, It is not an artistic boot that the slow roll skaters are using. they are considered just high tops with artistic wheels. Some of them actually use low top boots with smaller wheels. The preference comes with the history of the sport not because of race.

Low cut boots do help with the floorwork aspect of the sport. The high cut helps with the spins and stability. The larger wheels helps with the slides and wheel spins. The smaller wheels help with spins and percise edging. It all depends on your style.

Stop trying to segregate the sport. Learn new moves and try new things. I have kept and open mind throughout the years and seen skating change. Try coming to a national event and see what skating has come to. Bring your style..thats what I always say.

Good answer!
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