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Originally Posted by bgordon View Post
where would I find a set of the labeda baby blue 377 precision sports size 12 or is that even possible....thanks
First off, the blue ones were 375s, black 377 and white 378s. ( as seen on the tags inside..I wonder what a 376 was?? I have never seen one??)

Second, I have seen exactly 1 pair of US made 375s and 5 pair of second generation Taiwan made in the wild in the last 15 years of any size. Those were the ones worth sk8ing.

I have seen some other beaters, but they took way too much time and money to make pretty again.

So, as to where?? Same places we all find used sk8 swag. The for sale forum here, Craig's List, eBay, etc. The For sale sections on other web sites come to mind. Good luck. You can join the swarm of vultures out there looking to steal the stuff and then flip it for a profit.

A word of caution. I have every little experience with the sizing of the US made ones other than the 90s fit me. The Taiwan version, I have had 75s, 80s and 90s that fit me properly.

Is it possible?? Anything is possible. Likely, I seriously doubt it and if you find a nice pair, that is owned by someone that is in the know, get ready for some serious sticker shock.
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."
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