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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
So, I was servicing a friends skates the other day and had the whole tuck assembly off, wheels and all, I spun the axle with the assembly standing straight up and MY GOD did that damn thing wobble everywhere.

It had my RBT's on it with machined spacers and all so the wheel is pretty straight, that axle was ALL OVER THE PLACE.

I watched some "How its made" before and saw how they straighten crankshafts, using a wedge like piece of metal and a hammer.

Now I'd like to get/develop for myself some kind of fixture to hold the truck still. I experimented with a cynder block , some larger wrenches and a sunlite truck that was fairly wobbly, got descent results... Though I'd like to try to keep the nose/bushig area and the axle on the alignment they should have. these trucks/axles I have been messing with are not abused, and likely were just bent from pressing them in when they were made. So far I have not found 1 truck that wasn't pretty far off.

My Arius trucks are very straight, I've had them off the skate multiple times with the whole assembly together and never seen that happen.

I guess I have a new task to conquer. what a headache! Though I think I'll just get 4 trucks and finish them first, then completely swap out my friends hangers and see how it goes as grip is and how speed wobles go when he rides fast forwards on his toes.

I have a micromete/caliper if you got any ideas on how to measure the warp so I can know which way I need to bend/strike the truck in a strategic fashion.
tried that in the past, you can use a vice or an arbor press also. but to be honest it doesnt really work well as they are weakened and bend easily after that. best to replace the whole axle or buy a new truck.
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