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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
I know its cheap to replace, but the issue here is that I know some of the parts have NOT been beat on, but still have considerable wobble to them. I straightened some earlier today with some wrenches, a hammer and axle nuts put on to protect the threads, took me about 2 hours for 4 trucks to get them near straight, still wasn't true, but its way better than it was.

Alignment was checked by spinning the axle on my RBT wheels and inspecting for wobble.

Check for straight in a serviceable (not one with shot bearings) lathe or drill press chuck, spinning by hand or in a variable speed drill spinning very slowly. That way there is NO chance of wobble in one end of the axle. Then you will know for certain how much actual run out there is in the axle. Your current fixture is less than adequate to ensure the axle is straight. Do you have any idea how much of your run out @ the other end is due to less than perfect fit between axles and bearings, or slop in the bearings themselves??

I have an idea of what to do but I'll need some substantially long pipe with a tight slip fit. The pipe at the end of its length will show the errors in its shape, well so long as its straight itself.

The way I plan on testing the effectiveness of this little project is one of my friends has a Vanilla Diamond walker skate, it uses the same SG trucks I have extras of. His are pretty bent- loads of crashes with them. so I'm not suprised -, so I'll straighten some up and then have him change to a harder than normal wheel for a bit so it has less grip than hes used to- right now hes on my RBT 88A's and I have a set of 98A zombie mid's, they feel really close to each other, but obviously the zombies are substantially harder and lack the grip of the RBTs. let him skate it for about 1 hour, then change the trucks to the straight ones and see how his grip goes. Gotta be done on the same night tho :/

This is the price you pay for being the go to guy @ the rink. Get used to it.

If I put some thought into it, I should be able to straighten them to almost true in a very short time span. say 4 trucks per hour or so. thats way better than buying new one jsut to have them come in wobbling just the same as what I fixed.

So you are using SG 8mm trucks? I have a few of those myself of various age and use levels. I'll spin a few in the lathe and see how straight (or not ) they are.

It'll take some planning/pondering I'm sure but I don't have a whole lot to think about at work. just run some machines and day dream.

Keep your body parts out of the machine's moving parts when day dreaming, OK??

The straightening wont weaken the axles much if at all, they aren't being bent alot, the deformation they have from being true realy isnt alot, but its enough where it kinda bothers me and I really think they could benefit from the work.

Since I have no examples of what you are attempting to straighten in front of me, I have no way to quantify your "really isn't a lot".

Other than that, at least its a nice skill to have heh. I don't fret much about it, its like a rainy day thing to do. tweak on the skate gear. Also most of the kids that do have their own skates realy dont have the money for newer/better/replacement gear, so if I can fix it for them.. well you get the idea.

Yeah I get the idea. Been there done that. Not straighten axles for the kids, I just gave 'em replacement trucks. However, I had liability and time issues to deal with.
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