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I spin the axles real slow, with 1 wheel down on the table, the axle is perpendicular to the floor. The RBT'S have a spacer setup and those qube 8balls have very little axial or radial play. About the only thing that would really be better would be a nice lathe.

I spin the top wheel up real fast by hand and hold everything else still then I let go of the truck while still holding the wheel thats on my table. The truck will start to spin real slow. This shows me how bad it is. The end that is showing the wapr is the one pointing to the table or "chucked" if you would. It just happends to be chucked up in a wheel. Im not worried about getting them super straight with this method. Just better.

The other way I can tell where to start working them if they are bad is put 2 RBT'S on there and push down on the top wheel with my thumb anywhere on the rim/lip. The truck will spin to the lowest point if its bent. Normally you couldn't do that but I machined the truck faces true to each side. The axle being the guide as the counterbore slides down the axle to cut the trucks face. I can only use this method once though as every time I tap that axle to straighten each side if it were bent evenly the faces would have to be recut for it to work correctly again.

Yea all these are SG axles I believe. They are stamped SG. I believe "sunlite" are also made by SG, axles and everything looks identical, save for the truck having "sunlite" cast into it.

Nah wont get stuck in the machines. They're slow -big hydraulic press- and only move about 4 times per hour between the 2 of them since they have to cook rubber for 30 mins or so. Pull the stuff out put new slabs in send it back up. . Everyhing else is lots of running around moving and pulling racks around with a fork lift, and prepping for a new load. Lol couldnt fall asleep/day dream in the press. Its 300 lol

Need any thin foam rubber for relining skate boots? Say neoprene or memory foam? I'll pick some up before the eight wheels event.
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