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First the excuses.

My days off are Friday and Saturday where I can put in big miles and hours. The weather sucked for most of them this month. And some Spring festivals pirated my skating areas. And there was a massive flood north of the lake where I can do 60 miles on a popular Rail-Trail.

Now the good news.

I got into freestyle slalom INSIDE my house! Hardwood floors, 60 feet long, and about 8 feet width of skating area. Gotta move some furniture but within 10 minutes I have the cones down and skates between them.

This month: Only about 20 hours on skates. Thats about 143 miles by the hardest (not including slalom distances - 'cause who knows?)

469.13 skating miles for the year so far not including slalom.

I also am car free, so I bike to work every day for roughly 200 cycling miles every month.

Next month might be worse. Gotta work 2 weeks without a day off end of April. Sucks.

Later Guys!
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