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Default Plate/Truck problems

I have a pair of reidell powerdyne reactor neo plates and have an issue with the front left truck. My axle appears to aimed slightly to the outside.

I am a heavy skater and thought that maybe I just warped the cushions from always skating the same direction. I replace the cushions with harder ones and it appears to be slightly better, but the skate still veers to the outside. I also replace my wheels in case they were worn weird. It is particularly problematic when I skate backwards on my left foot (one foot).

I skate derby now, but am an artistic convert (skated for about 8 years, but 20 years ago). I am normally very comfortable in other skates and tried to use rental one night to make sure I was fine on other skates backwards on my left foot. I had no issues in the rentals.

I am to the point where I am ready to just buy new plates, but these are only a few months old.

Any thoughts on other possible solutions?
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