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Requested post from a non-member:

"Skatin' Place Roller Rink in Janesville, Wisconsin, USA, was where many teenagers and adults, [during the 1980's to 1990's, and into the 2000's] alike, used to go roller skating, every Saturday afternoon for family fun! It's nickname was "At Skatin' Place, You are 'Skatin' on Maple'!" This is because the owners built this Roller Skating Rink with pure maple wooden floors! Sadly, it closed it's doors in 2010, when it was sold. It is a small Convention Center, now. However, when I went to see a small Christian concert there, in April, 2014; I found an uncovered area underneath the tarps, etc, that covered wiring, etc., and I noticed that the floors are Still made of Maple wood! I am very happy to know that fact, anyhow. Sincerely, Jennifer Olmstead, family, and friends"
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