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Default Woo Hoo Billy Mack!!!!!! Amazing goal tending!

On January 31st 2009, Billy Mack, a senior goalie for Decatur, TX was thrown from a horse and broke his neck. Today, June 22, 2009 he made his triumphant return to Rink Hockey with more passion and some of the best playing I have ever seen.

I met Billy in March. Though he couldn't play, he was always at the rink to coach one of the kids teams. He had a halo around his head with screws in his head to hold it all in place. There were some photos on this site.

Today, Billy made his triumphant return to the goal cage. I think his doctor just released him today.

Billy was put in late in a losing effort of Decatur Senior Bronze "B" against the DFW "Quad Squad". I think everybody was looking forward to Billy's return but, none more than him. When he rolled onto the floor, the rink roared with applause. But, it was his play that kept the crowd cheering. On a late breakaway, DFW was charging down the floor with no Decatur defenseman between the 2 DFW players and Billy in the goal. It was going to be two on one against Billy. As the DFW player charged the goal Billy secured his stance and prepared for the shot. When the lead floor man decided to forego the pass and shoot for himself, Billy launched to his left and deflected the shot with blocking hand. However, the ball deflected right back to the second floor man who was prepared for the rebound shot. Billy, on his stomach and already committed the first shot, pulled his feet up in the air and kicked like a bucking bronc and blocked the coming rebound shot. The crowd went crazy! Even as a player on the floor, I couldn’t help but cheer for this amazing feat. In the locker room after the game, Billy wouldn’t take any credit and did what he done has since I met him, and deferred credit to the man up stairs. I also heard a few world team players raving about what a spectacular block it was.

Welcome back Billy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can only hope that someone got it on video. You just don’t see goal tending like that every day
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