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Originally Posted by quantoo View Post
Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.
but if we object our governments use our money to punish us.
So we Decide one day that we dont wanna be slaves anymore and our government will find a poor country and import workers.
Then the wealthy big knobs say we just dont like competition.
Is that all theyve got to say about us sticking up for ourselves?
Assimilate and dont try to convert or threaten our way of life.
big viciuos cycle.
Islamic extremest already have a country that tolerates their murderous ways.
If they want sharia law stay in that country and stop looking for fresh meat i say.
Yep, that is the way it is. Don't stand up for yourselves and the takeover will come. Either by being taken over from the inside or with war. You show weakness when they are plotting a take over. That is all they have ever been about. Quantoo, you are right, there will be war, we just don't know when. When it does happen, there will be a lot of people that were for leaving them alone getting buried. The ones that try to avoid the confrontation because it is not pc. The ones that have no sense of the danger from a people that only know war. War is coming, it may be many years, but it is inevitable.
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