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2c from Russia.

There are different branches of Islam. Here in Russia we get along with muslims for hundreds of years and everything os OK. For example, traditional branch of Islam on North Caucasus is sufism and it is OK.
BUT there is radical branch of sunni Islam, named Salafism (Wahhabism). Salafism is based on negation of secular government. It contradicts constitution of the U.S., Russian Federation and any other non-islamic state, and this makes it extrimist, out of law in majority of countries. According to it basically anyone collaborating in any way with "taghut" (secular government), becomes "non-muslim" and legal target to attack. Hope you know that 99% governments in the world are secular (non-theocracy, non-islamic, countries where church and state are separated). And this means that all we are just targets for those guys.
Biggest salafist nests are Saudi Arabia and Qatar. You may read that S.A. is "sunni" in wikipedia, but to be more precise it is salafist (wahhabist), professes radical branch of sunni Islam.

Interesting fact: S.A. is best U.S. friend on middle east. Period.

So, NOTHING WRONG WITH MUSLIMS, at least with vast majority of them. That is your own government getting "collateral damage" from its foreign affairs. Support radical Islam = get acts of terrorism.

PS most probably U.S. government can't ruin relationships with S.A. because it will cause economical disaster.
PSS didn't want to insult anybody. It is just how we see problem from there. Didn't want to write anything about politics but... Russia was a target of intensive wahhabist attacks for a decade, we had two Chechen wars. Lots of money and some able commanders (like Khattab) came from S.A. and other gulf countries. Which were supported by the U.S. already then.
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