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Originally Posted by gabi View Post
Thank you for all the replies.
But I perhaps gained more than 2km/h in speed (or that increase might be due to one week workout in gym, who knows?)
Probably both.
Wheel durometer, wheel size and fitness level will all certainly contribute to faster times.
going from 80A to 84A duro you normally wont notice it as long a the surface is decent. rough patches will amplify the differences as will experience with that set up. (much like the difference between 80mm and 84mm it's a really small jump.) but after a good amount of time on 84A you'll feel the difference when you go BACK to 80A and they feel sluggish.

ALSO all urethane's ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL el cheapo brand 84A may have the same duro as say MBC 84A but you're gonna find 90% of the time they're gonna wear faster BUT it's a good idea to burn up cheap wheels to find what you like instead of shelling out $120+ for something you hate.

you're on the right track...just some stuff to think about
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