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Originally Posted by gospeedracer View Post
We actually got to skate right in the road. Outside of Katy on the back roads have very little traffic Sunday mornings at 8am. The times we did have to skate the shoulder it was a big enough shoulder to DP with little problem.
Along 1463/1093 were the only places we really had to skate in the road
1463 had no shoulder that I remember, and 1093 has rumble strip, which
would make going from the road to the shoulder difficult and dangerous.
359 had an awesome shoulder, very smooth!!

Anyone remember seeing the coral snake on the shoulder of 359, about 2 miles out of Fulshear??? Karen and I saw it!
ya'll were about 25-50 yds back so you may have missed it.
definitely caught me by surprise.

1463, 1093, and 359 were fast!! very smooth pavement. Awesome to skate on
90, well that was a different story. skatable chip&seal if there is such a thing
we now know how to get around most of it... (detour to the Luvs, then down the service road to 1463 to pick up the cyclists)
That service road was FAST too!!!
we were hammering there towards the end...

I will do this event again next year for sure.
as long as they allow skaters I'll be there!
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