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Originally Posted by fierocious1 View Post
You can no doubt dampen down the DA45's turning twitchiness somewhat, but it will remain a plate that has a twitchy action geometry.
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That is the point I have been trying to make to you. It is not dampened down. The action is much slower and I run my cushions soft. No way else to explain it to you. By comparison I would probably be on "blues" at 210 lbs with the standard setup. My new plate was twitchy and has harder cushions but my main test Invaders are not at all twitchy and has softer cushions than my newer plate(White Magnums).
Point taken, and if you can get enough range of tuning to satisfy you, within these limits, then that is certainly way better than any plate design that locks everything down for effectively no range of tuning at all.

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