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Originally Posted by larryoracing View Post
My right knee is usually never sore while practicing, only after practicing, about a 15-20 minutes after practice it starts to get sore and I have to baby it while I''m walking to the car and for the next 8 hours, at least. It does recover, but to be completely healed takes at least one day if not two to become normal again with no aches.
Thanks for posting your story. I wanted to point out that your knee is not completely healed when the aching stops. That just means the inflammation has lessened because the aggravating stimulus has stopped sufficiently long enough for your body to flush the contaminants. You may be unable to tell when you are fully healed. It can take 2-6+ weeks to fully heal.

If the problem persists after many weeks of little or no activity, it may be a chronic issue where the damage is irreparable. You might have to supplement with a light weight bearing regimen, stretching, or surgery depending on the severity.

P.S. With tendon injuries, it is common for the pain to begin once the muscles cool down after a workout. If this happens, it is likely that the problem existed before the routine and that you have simply reaggravated your injury.
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