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we've got TONS of advice we'd all love to share... we just need to know what will be helpful for you!

Do you currently skate alone or in a group? Do you skate mostly indoors or outdoors? Are you comfortable skating around lots of people? Have you skated in a pace line? Have you skated on streets and roads or just park trails? Have you skated wet conditions? Do you know how long it takes you to skate 10 miles? 20 miles? Are you young or old? Fit or fat? Tall or small? Do you plan to actually RACE or be a social skater... or some of both?

From what I see on your other posts... you are likely to be on Bont Semi-Race with 100mm wheels.

I'd suggest getting the best wheels you can afford. "Best" for any given person on any given day is very dependent on so many factors. A good wheel can make NSIM very enjoyable but a wrong choice for the day's conditions can make you curse every mile and swear you'll never come back.

Many recreational skaters are on 'stock' wheels that are comfortable to be on for short bits of time but do not do well on long skates... kind of like riding a bicycle with tires half flat. Great if all you want is a really hard workout but crappy if you are trying to go fast.

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