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Personally think a Atom Poison wheel 62x38 is about the best wheel around the 60$ mark for all around outdoor. Not the new savants, the older ones with the smaller cores and bit more urethane.

They handle just about any conditions outdoors very well. They are considerably lighter than other 70X40's and you wouldnt need a lathe or someone to cut down say a set of zombie hawgs to get the weight reasonable.

The wide version at 62x44 is great too, but on crack that hit across the entire wheelbase, they will hang up in there much easier than a narrower wheel would. That's why I recommend the narrowed ones, they dont clip each other as easily either .

Roll line makes a wheel called heliums, and they arent worth the cost in comparison. Urethane quality is not as goodx hib is too big, urethane too thin.

The turning is virtually the same with the biggest influence being that you need clearance between the wheels and the boots to make a sharp turn, big wheels reduce this clearance may have to step more than use the plates action at times.
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