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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
Sorry mort, blackballing the 64 height heliums don't float.

The best thing about the wheels is the hub, its hugh, there's hardly any urethane, no urethane to absorbe energy, no urethane dead weight to drag around.

The second best thing is the urethane, it's sticky and outdoors fast yet it rolls over debris.

The price is fair for a quality roll-line product.

I prefer the heliums, and have lots of wheels to chose from.

If you want to go fast on skates, get inlines.

If you want to go fast, get on a bicycle.

If you want to have fun outdoors on roller skates, get roll-line heliums, and bones ceramic bearings.
The hub is "ok" at best. I've had many different wheels outdoors, ranging from 80A to 90A plastic and aluminum hubs.

The urethane on the roll line heliums is not that good at all. The hubs precision is the only good thing(very nice bores) about the wheels. The urethane interlocks on those wheels reduce the urethane thickness in many spots which makes it too thin. The compression across the urethane gets too much force and the compressive wave is disrupted. If they increased the urethane thickness to about double what it is, then there wouldn't as much of a dead feeling. Interlocking rings too close to the OD of the wheel is bad. It wouldnt be as much of an issue if the hub was just round, however then the wheel would eventually come apart from delamination as all plastic hubs seem to get.

Maybe I should strip the urethane and convince Scott to put his own on them and make a nice 70mm wheel out of them in about 78 to 82A. Then they might be worth a damn.

The narrower width and slightly taller height is what makes them roll over things easier. Hell I'd rather use roadhogs than heliums.

If you like heliums that's fine, but theres much better wheels out there. Roll line is not the top choice when speaking of outdoor wheels.
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