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Any ideas why the bike event was cancelled? Skater participation was better than I expected at 131. I used to live out west and loved visiting the Oro Valley in early November for the Cactus Classic IM. I'd be more tempted to make the trip if it wasn't so close to A2A and it was in the cold season for many of us. Maybe back to back weekends with Silver Strand would work? I suppose not many would want to make a trip that long before Thanksgiving. Those out west would not want to make trips back to back weekends. With the return of Squiggy, late February has a race that another southern race would need to be cognizant of (though the Squiggy course will limit the number of potential skaters). Maybe I protest too much as 131 is a solid number of skaters, but mid/late October seems to squeeze the potential destination draw for this race.
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