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This will be my first Northshore, so I have free choice of wave. I haven't done a marathon in recent years that wasn't some combination of hilly (NYC), twisty (DC), hot, crappy pavement, or all of the above (Chicagoland) so its tough to predict from that. Aside from your "subtract 10 minutes for flat course, large pack, and no wind", which ends up 1:25-1:30. Thus A3 seemed right. But if the cutoffs are based on a tailwind year, assuming a tailwind might move me to the slow end of A2.

Looking at 2015, bjvircks was 1.5min ahead of me at Chicagoland, so I think whichever wave he's in is probably a reasonable choice for me

Also, the split times say most people's first half is much faster than the second. Is that due to the first few miles being slightly downhill, or because everyone is trying to hang on to the lead pack for as long as they can, or both?
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