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This is my first marathon and my first race. I have been skating recreationally for 30+ years on streets, parks, paved trails, and occasionally on closed roads. I am a fit competitive 6' tall 62 year-old. I skate alone, once in awhile with a bicycling companion. I have never skated in a pack, pace line, or large crowd. I have done 20+ miles before but with road crossings, bridges with wood surfaces, etc. I skate 20-30 miles/wk, 30+ in the last couple of months training for Duluth (mostly following one of those free training regimens found on the web, ...mostly.) I have been caught on damp but not really wet roads. I have registered for Rec Wave 3. My goals are to "race", finish in <2.5 hrs, then train towards qualifying for Rec Wave 2 next year. I have not had any formal instruction. I am using 100mm Bont 84A wheels; wondering if 85A would be better for Duluth. I'd like to work my way up to 110's (see post about transitioning with 105's if possible.) Due to the hills where I live, I have a brake on my skate. I'm practicing t-stops at higher and higher speeds. Not quite there yet.
That's me. Any advice for this marathon newbie?
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