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You might want to start a new thread, but I'll respond to your heel-brake vs t-stops comment.

I'm the resident heel-brake guy - one of very few here who use a heel-brake on race-style equipment. But I skate places where I'm braking quite a lot, and I'm not willing to sacrifice wheels - so I've continued to use one.

If you like t-stops and don't mind sacrificing wheels, that that works. But a heel brake is just fine for nearly all outdoor skating, especially if you're not anticipating participating at high levels in races. I'm using one now on a 3x125 setup, and while it's not a super-aggressive stop method, I doubt that t-stops would be better. Nothing is going to be great with the higher deck-heights as you get larger wheels.

TLDR; Don't stress about heel-brake vs t-stop. Both work reasonably well on most anything, and if you can live with the non-steeze factor of a heel-brake it's fine.

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