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Well, looks like I missed the wave change deadline, so I guess I see a lot of pulling in my future

Thanks bjvircks for resurrecting the tactics thread - it reminds me that the paceline behavior in the giant pacelines in the video seems weird to me compared to the <10 person lines I'm used to. The back half is content not to pull, yet is also reluctant to open up a spot for someone rotating off the lead to drop in in front of them. But if they don't open up a spot, then eventually everybody in front of them is going to have rotated off. The front half, on the other hand, doesn't try very hard to lose the wheel-suckers despite there being no upside to keeping them around, only the downsides of the extra effort it costs to rotate in front of them, and having to sprint against them at the end.

a-cut-above, I wouldn't worry about the brake either - I (and most of my teammates when I started) would use one when traffic or serious hills were involved - the cost in wheels would be prohibitive otherwise. I haven't found it any more difficult to follow someone with a brake, nor can I recall having clipped the person behind when I have one. Everyone else is going to be tired in the middle, too, so they might do something embarrassing first.
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