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a quick word about brakes, pace lines and being around folks you do not know... In the words of the character Phil Esterhaus from the tv show Hill Street Blues "HEY... HEY.......... BE CAREFUL OUT THERE"

during the settling in of the first few miles, adjusting to the novelty of such a big race, when coasting on the downhills... it is possible to inadvertently get too close to someone and when they 'stop coasting' and (unanticipated by you) they start pushing again you can get tangled. This can be especially dangerous if the person in front has a stroke with a lot of kick-back from the recovering leg. You might gage your feel for separation distance based on non-brake people and get in trouble. I draft with my wife and another skater. Wife has short wheelbase 105s, other skater has 13.2 wheelbase 125s with a brake. I really have to watch out to make sure the brake doesn't clip my shin as we swap pulls.
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