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Originally Posted by kufman View Post
Ice will improve your inline technique, IMO. If you are a toe pusher on inlines (like I am), skating on some short track ice blades will fix you right up. Just try to toe push on fixed blades and see what happens, lol!

Snow in May is no fluke for that area. When I was at school in Houghton, MI (in the U.P.), we had snow in May a couple of times.
My ice set up will be a fixed blade but for long track. Bont is selling an entry level package, and I am not interested or in a position to invest a significant sum on new skates after upgrading my inline package this time last year. I though I would get started and learn on fixed, and if I like and want to keep doing it, switch to clap. I am not planning on competing, just skating, with the hope of helping my inline technique.

As for the record in Duluth, don't get your hopes up this year because the weather yesterday projected an 18mph head wind.
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