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Default Wobbly Skate Help

Hi, I am new here. I have skated since I was a kid, but recently got back into quad skating. Been at it for a few months. I have been skating derby and have the RIEDELL 126 boot with Powerdyne Reactor Neo plates and Atom Savant 97 wheels. Ever since I got these skates, the left skate has been wandering, wobbly or with a mind of its own. I causes me a great deal of instability. I donít have this problem on any other skates (i have tried a few teammates skates). I have tried tightening and loosening the trucks and it doesnít help at all. Tried different lacing techniques but I am confident this isnít the problem. I donít know if the plate is mounted wrong or it could be a pivot cup issue or what is going on. I have also changed the original wheels to the savants and it hasnít helped either. I donít really know how to check pivot cups. I have researched this plate but not really found much about tuning it. Itís a bit different than some of the plates I see on youtube. I really want to figure this out and can take pictures if I need to. Any help would be vastly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time!
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