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Default In Search of Metaflex Dragsters

I am getting back into sk8ing after a long dry stint (teaching my 2 year old to sk8) and have a pair that I would like to rebuild the way I bought them. I know I have no hope of replacing the kangaroo hyde boot that they originally sported but am looking for a set of Metaflex Dragsters (precision), preferably the yellow composite. I have contacted Metaflex in Canada but they told me that they do not even have the molds anymore as they were lost durring a move. I'm rebuilding these to cira 1976 ie using the urathane as opposed to the Big D Maples that I also bought with the skates. I'ld like to be able to pull them out and use them from time to time as my second pair. Sorry for being so long winded but my kids tell me I do that when I'm talking about "glory days". Long story short (I know, too late), Does anyone know where someone could lay their hands on a set of precision Metaflex Dragsters, preferably in yellow?
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