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Originally Posted by quadbob View Post
i guess my first question is why! there are plenty of cheaper wheels that will out preform the old dragsters. although they were pretty cool in the day. but unless you can find them cheap i'd just get a inexpensive wheel with a nylon or plastic hub. is it a clearance issue. what plate are they going on.
I skated these XK-4 plates in Lincoln "76" with yellow Metaflex Dragsters, fafnir 8balls, and Hyde kangaroo boots. just trying to jet them back, as close as possible, to how I skated them. True, not a great combo by today's standards but I liked it in the day and a short wheel can make up for a lot of rusty form. I've got new primary sk8s, Cararra boots, XK-4 singles, Hyper Cannibals, Bones Swiss. These are really going to be sk8ed when I get together with old friends that I skated with back "then".
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