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Originally Posted by mkmkenn View Post
Julie, guys still around here?

Julie - who was your best man at your wedding? Kevin's realy partner? He from Kings Park NY? We met at the baseball field when he was coaching my son many years ago. I don't remember how it came up, but we figured out who each other was from all those years ago. We still see each other all around town now. I actually brought my old Wal-Cliffe jacket up to one of the games, and we had a few laughs.


Hi Mike!

We don't often check back on this thread, but did so today and saw what you posted a month and a half or so ago.

Best man at our wedding was Eric Koch. He's still on Long Island. If you're on Facebook there are some great old pictures posted from back then, a bunch posted by Chris Repetti. If you're on Facebook, look us up - Julie Kevin Larson.

A very happy and safe holiday season to you and your family.

Julie & Kevin
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