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Mike,Julie,Kevin, Marie and Joe, Tony, Tracy....and all the regular readers here.....:

How are you guys????

Been a while.....was checking in this evening and see that my old screen name Splitwoods is now working again....been using Racer for the past few years after the puter crashed.....came back on after repairs back then was having sign in issues so changed to Racer......guess I will sign off with both names.....

At my age it is hard to remember what to use, still looking for my Motorcycle keys.....LOL

Wanted to wish everyone here on the forum a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Originally Posted by mkmkenn View Post
Warren was teaching at Wal-Cliffe with my dad when we first started skating there...I do rememebr him skating pairs when I was a kid...

Just got a message through this site from an former student of my mom's wanting to get back in touch with her.

Thsi internet thing will probably catch on some day :-)

Happy Holidays to all & a great 2011!

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