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Default I trained Under a US Open Coach

Back in the day (1989ish) I trained under a coach who was also the US Open coach. Hi name is on the tip of my tongue, but I can't find a list to help me remember. I was nowhere close to the fastest on our team, but one, Timmy Nipper, still holds the worlds record in JO. I learned a lot from him. Too bad I didn't know I had Asthma then. An inhaler may have really changed my game!

SOPHOMORE TWO MIX QUAD 2000m 1991 3:48.59 Timothy Nipper, Marla Faircloth, Tulsa, OK

To be totally honest, he was a, well, not likable guy who had serious self esteem issues and was mean to "compensate" for it, but none the less, good times. If I remember correctly, the coaches name was Joe something. Sorry, was forever ago. I still remember the slow conversion to inlines and when "Bont" first came out!
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