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This discussion thread certainly has legs and generates much interest. Many photos no longer visible but the discussion are familiar.

This May 1946 cover of Skating News features skaters from Arcadia and Madison Gardens of Chicago at the Illinois State Meet. My mother skated with this group. The lead skater is Ray Sopper, followed by Vic Tramkian, Charles Fuertsch (wearing mask) and Elmer Knight (knee showing only). Elmer Knight would go on to win the state title. His brother Earl would continue to speed skate and win national title in 1952. The brothers won and placed in several national speed relays. I think my mother had a crush on Elmer...they dated before he joined the Army Air Corp.

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From Dick Young: "This is the cover of the May 1946 issue of Skating News. Notice not only the uniforms and skates, but also the pylon. The third skater has a mask on to protect him from breathing the dust from the powder."

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