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Originally Posted by Goldiloks View Post
@ursle, have you had a chance to try Adonis wheels?

Physics aside, seems like this wheel business is very much personal preference. If I was more flush, I'd buy a whole bunch of wheels and try them out
I'm sure each one has its merits.

I'm just after a smooth agile roll for my weight, on asphalt. There won't be debris hopefully, and I'll be skating when it's dry. I don't need to go at light speed, as I'll be dancing on the spot or moving at a slow roll. I want to shuffle, toe jam, spin a little.... And go from there. No hockey stops but t-stops yes. Big jumps no, transitional hops and little jumps, yes.
Looks like the adonis only goes down to 88a in hardness, still worth a try, they might wear faster than an 82a wheel but I bet they would be fun. I had some 92a wheel outdoors one time, they worked excellently but I could see material melting off them, one half hour skate and they were much smaller, and the skating surface was green (the color of the urethane)

I used to skate the roll line matrix plate, I used a 56mm 82a wheel made by earthwing, they were the bee's knees, as they are skateboard wheels I had to grind down one side to make them work(rubbed on the inside), and they turned well, but the matrix plate as excellent as it is became boring, so I moved to D/A45 plates, and a tiny wheel with D/A45's isn't necessary, so the 64mm roll line helium is now the bee's knees.

(Nobody said the helium is a race wheel, it's a wheel, very light weight, very sturdy hub, when they wear out, get some more)

In '78 I was in LA and a guy was on the "street" selling wheels and cushions (cloud), his name was Tom Sims (passed away last year, sadly) and the wheels were GYRO, yellow 80'ish,A with an excellent chro-molly hub, boy did I put some hours in on them, actually bought two set's, had a friend visiting and he needed a set to skate with me

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