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Originally Posted by GraySk8ter View Post
I have used Goo Gone many times and never had a problem. But it is important to remove all the Goo Gone with clear water after the cleaning. I use paper towel wet with tap water to do the job.

Just remember: do not use metal objects to remove the gunk from the wheels. You could create a flat spot. Recently I had a lot of gunk that would not come off completely(even using Goo Gone). The gunk was in the tread of the wheel(they are new) and I couldn't get enough pressure into the grove to remove the crap. I ended up using my Dremel with a brush wheel (not a metal brush). Result: clean wheels with no flat spots.

Keep rollin
As I continue to skate, I'm starting to realize that I need to assemble some sort of maintenance kit to bring to the rink. I thought I could just bring my new skates and off to the races. Then I realized I needed to bring my skate tool included with the skates for tightening and loosening the wheels. Now I need to add Goo Gone, paper towels, soap and water. Ohh..and a spatula to scrape up the gum off the rink floor. The lady behind the counter didn't have one, so she handed me a steak knife to clean the gum..:-/
Oh oh and a mini push broom to sweep up all the Skittles candy booby traps that were tossed onto the floor like my last session. Kids were tossing those candies while I was speed skating to test out my shiny and new skates to see how they respond and handle scrapes, dings and crashes.
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