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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
I on the other hand I WILL drag you a little deeper into this. Bwa ha haaaa

I have bj on ignore. Don't see his stuff. Saw what you quoted.
How lame. Trying to play the victim.
To set the record straight, anybody can do whatever they want. (like you all need my permission)
Post, don't post, reply, don't reply.
I simply won't interact with bj, ursle, or Wired.
Simple simple. No crying, no drama, no demands for anyone to leave.
bj is just doing what his compulsion tells him to. He is trying to bait me into responding to him. The answer is no thanks.
Really not that big a deal. Just no interest in doing it.
Happy Trails.
Well, I said my piece and don't plan to repeat it. The only reason I did was, we have all been members of this forum for several years, and I hate seeing people get needlessly upset. I will try to minimize the quotes.
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