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Default Acute, severe ankle pain - what happened?

Really hoping for some insight here - I went out for a fairly typical 10 mile skate with a buddy and came home with really significant severe left medial malleolus pain. 4 days later and it's not much better. NOTHING CHANGED - same boots, frames, wheels, frame placement, type of workout. Could it all be from a random glitch in how I laced up????

Back story - I had the same (chronic) problem about 3 years ago, and saw a podiatrist who diagnosed me with a big fallen arch on the left side. Got a custom orthotic made, and when I finally made the jump to customs I stood on the orthotic while being molded so the countour is part of the footbed of my customs. All is well for 3 years until now.

Any thoughts from the brain trust? Back to the podiatrist?
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