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By context I'm guessing medial malleolus pain is related to the foot arch. I have high arches. I use green Superfeet insoles in my running shoes. My Pinnacle customs work well for my arches as molded (tangentially, I'm wondering why the orthotic shape wasn't built into your custom boot?). Additionally, I bypass all the lace holes between the bottom two and the top three. I can't remember if I started doing that before switching to customs from stock boots (probably after because customs remove the slack that tight lacing compensates for). The lace holes I do use let me tighten down the heel without pressing down over the arch (leading to arch pain). I've also heard of people using separate laces for the top and bottom lace holes to create different zones of tightness. I actually should try that set-up because my current lacing does loosen through a skate.
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